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The Need for PHP Frameworks

PHP as a web development language has gained immense popularity for its easy scripting and giving dynamic, high powered web pages. It is mainly suited to server-side web development.

The efficiency of PHP as a programming language increases with the use of best PHP frameworks. The frameworks act as a platform to help develop the web applications.

The frameworks help promote (RAD) Rapid Application Development. It helps you make changes to your code in an organized manner, eliminating repetitive coding and ensuring proper database interaction on the presentation layer which creates stable applications for use.

PHP Frameworks are based on a programming architectural pattern called the MVC. The MVC stands for Model View Controller. The model is the data, view means the presentation or user interface layer, while the controller is the application of business logic.

The development process of an application is broken down, allowing you to work on individual parts without disturbing the others. This, in turn, helps hastens the overall process and lessens the mistakes.

What to look for in a good PHP Framework?

Most PHP Frameworks already come with their custom features. So it’s important to opt for one based on the needs of your application requirements and vision.

A good database support – Database server needs to support the database type. There should be no compatibility issues.

A large community support –Have an experienced and active support system.

Documentation and guide – A php framework should come with proper user guides and documents. They should be up to date and have clear to follow instructions.

Follows MVC architecture – MVC is the basis of a PHP framework. A framework should come with at least a plugin, extensions or other support.

Popular PHP frameworks offered by most PHP development companies are laravel framework, zend framework, slim php, slim framework, lumen laravel, php mvc, php symfony

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