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Big Data

Big Data Analytics Solution Providers

We help clients in integrating Big Data into their overall IT roadmap, architect and apply the absolute Big Data Solution to take your business to the subsequent achievement. With a conviction that enterprises will rely on Big Data for all types of decision making, We, Mackie Technologies team has paid attention to the delivery and deployment of Big Data analytics solutions to help enterprise with strategic decision making. Our data scientists have a only one of its kind approach to expand solutions that analyzes each piece of in order before taking any serious business choice.

What is Big Data?

Big data is the collection of data that is rising up rapidly with time. This data is so complex that none of the traditional data management tools can process it professionally.

Characteristics of Big Data

  • Variety refers to the data (unstructured, structured & semi-structured) that is composed from different sources.
  • Velocity is the rate or pace at which the data is shaped in real-time.
  • Volume is the quantity of data that is generated from various sources.

Categories of Big Data

  • Unstructured – the data that has no exact form
  • Structured – the data that can be stored and processed in a permanent format
  • Semi-structured – the data can be both forms, either structured or unstructured

What is the role of Big Data for Business?

Big Data helps in identifying the correct spectators for your business, low costs and picking up the business process. Irrespective of your industry domain and the services/products offered, it gives an absolute overview of the analytics that assists in production making businesses’ strategic. The supremacy of Big Data analytics saves much time without any delay.